Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 Pre-View

Every year the designers at The Secret Garden come up with a handful of Unique designs for our customers!  We are unveiling those designs to you today.  We hope you enjoy our sampling!  Remember Valentine's Day is on Sunday this year so you will want to surprise your love at work on Friday!  Don't delay call us today!  875-9038

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too Good to be True?

This Valentine's Day don't be fooled by the "too good to be true" ads on the radio and TV.  Promises of a dozen roses for less then the cost of a pizza, are tempting, but don't always live up to what you expect.  When you order flowers you picture a perfect arrangement all done up with greens, maybe a little baby's breath, possibly a bow, and of course the flowers you love.  A lot of the 1-800 numbers who are giving those low rates will either A.) deliver your flowers in a box or B.) Take a cut of your flower money and pass your order off onto a florist to fill.

Now box flowers are not all bad.  If the love of your life LOVES to arrange flowers and has dreamed of working in a flower store all her life but never had a chance..... boxed flowers may just be the way to go.

But if the love of your life does not know a daisy from a button mum then this may not be the best way to go.  Flowers ordered from a local florist are all hand arranged by people who love flowers and are lucky enough to work in a flower shop.  They know the right amounts of not only flowers and greens but flower food and water.

That brings me to the containers... what kind of vases do you have laying around for a rainy day?  Do you have a vase big enough to hold 2 dozen roses???  A florist will make sure that the vase your flowers come in are arranged so that they are not to crowded and not flopping around wildly.

Okay so she loves to arrange flowers and she has all sizes of vases and containers just waiting for the boxed flowers to arrive.  So here comes the delivery van down the road, that's perfect just in time for the big day, and there is the little delivery man with the box of flowers.  What's this?  Nobody home?  Oh well here are your flowers, as the little delivery man lays the box by the door.  No problem right?  WRONG.  Most of these flowers are without a water supply.  What happens to flowers when they are thirsty class?  If you said they wilt you would be correct.  Better yet our coolers are kept at a nice temperature that helps keep our flowers healthy and happy.  What is the temp in say New York today?  If it's colder then 40 degrees then those flowers are in for a long day.  If it's colder then 30 degrees then say goodbye to those pretty blooms because once they freeze they are gone for good.  What about Arizona?  How about some nice dessert heat for those roses?  No water and hot temps are not a good combination for the heartiest of flowers.  

We will discuss Brokers and Order Taking florists in our next blog.   Be on the look out!  It will have some good information.  But first here is a great commercial about those box flowers.  This one Teleflora ran last Mother's Day.  We are also a big fan of the Christmas one if you have time to surf You Tube later.  Watch for their latest ad during the Super Bowl this year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The race is on!!!

Hello!  Well here we are in the final 35 days before Valentine's Day.  We are busy ordering, designing, and of course thinking of the perfect way for you to say I Love You this Valentine's Day.  This is a very busy time of year for the floral industry and we LOVE every minute of it!  The expressions of joy that we get to see on our deliveries make it all worth it.  This year Valentine's Day is on a Sunday so we thought we would give some ideas on how to surprise that special someone.

For Her~
~ A great idea is to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her early in the week before Valentine's Day.  This way she can display them on her desk for all to see.  Your card can say something like : "I just could not wait till Valentine's Day to say how much I love you."

~A special breakfast in bed on Valentine's.  Stop in and get her favorite flowers wrapped up and a balloon or two.  Make up her favorite breakfast, or run out and pick it up for her, on her tray lay the fresh flowers and tie the balloons to the tray.  This way she gets a fresh bunch of her favorite flowers first thing in the morning!

~A relaxing evening.  We have a variety of bath baskets on hand that would guarantee her a relaxed evening.  Grab one of the baskets and beautiful arrangement of fresh roses.  While she is in the bath you can sprinkle rose petals down the hall and into the bedroom.  Rose petals are sold in convenient bags at our store, no need for you to pluck those pretty petals off of the roses in the vase.

~Follow up your weekend with a reminder.  Send a bouquet to her on Monday after Valentine's Day with a card that reads something like - "I love you more today then yesterday.... All my Love,"

For Him~
~Ladies, the guys love the flowers as well but just not the feminine displays us ladies are used to receiving.  We can design rock gardens with plants, simple masculine displays, or just about anything you can think of for your special someone.  Have this delivered to him at work and all of the guys will see just how lucky he is! 

~Snacks?  Did someone say snacks???  Guys love our snack baskets and we have a wide variety of sizes and styles.  One of the baskets and a few balloons is sure to brighten his day at work.    Not to mention giving him something to snack on while he figures out how to surprise you this Valentine's Day.

~Rose petals on the bed are always a way to invite romance.  We have petals pre-bagged and ready to sprinkle.  Grab one of those while you pick up our Sparkling Cider with glasses gift set.  This will set the mood and brighten his evening. 

Well we hope this gets you started in your Valentine's Day planning!  Watch our blog and facebook page for more updates and ideas!  Come become a fan of ours on Facebook: Secret Garden Decatur and never miss a moment of the fun.


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