Hot Topics

Here are some of the topics that have gotten our readers talking.  These posts got rave reviews on blogger, facebook, and/or twitter.  This is the place to find posts you may have missed but don't want to miss out on.

During our 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge we had several posts that had comments and feedback.  Here are our favorites.

  1. Day 13 ~ Go Shopping
  2. Day 12 ~ Making a Blog Schedule
  3. Day 4 ~ Scoop out a Blog in your Niche
  4. Day 3 ~ Submitting your Blog to Web Crawlers ~ Digg & StumbleUpon
These are some hot topics about our shop.  The Secret Garden is growing.  These are some of the best posts along the path.
  1. A Valentine's Day Buying Guide.
  2. How to make your Roses last longer.
  3. Wedding ~ Things to know before you call a florist.
  4. Traveling Kindness Bouquet ~ Passing the good feeling along.

Be sure to check back often.  We will update our Hot Topics list as new posts make the cut.


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