Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Forever Young ~ how to keep and care for your roses

Forever Young
The brand of red rose we have in our shop is called Forever Young.  After many years in the floral business, our designers have found this red rose to be one of the most beautiful and longest lasting of the roses.

Petal Number: About 75
Color: Red
Vase Life- 7 - 15 days.

Wow that is a lot of days!  Now remember some of those days may be in the cooler at the local flower shop.  We have had customers report that the roses they received lasted a little over 2 weeks.  So how do you get your rose to do that?  Good question, here are some tips.

1. Always keep your roses out of direct sunlight, heat, and cold drafts.  Sitting your vase of flowers on your TV or stereo is not a good idea.  The heat that is put out will actually heat the water and damage your flowers.  Also direct sunlight can also effect the life of your rose.   Watch out for those pesky winter drafts as well, they can chill your roses and shorten the life of your flower.

2.  Roses love to drink so make sure that they have plenty of clean fresh water.  If your florist provided flower food with the roses follow the directions on the package.  Most florists and even super markets sell flower food by packets that you can add to your vase to make your roses last days longer then water alone. 

3. It is best to re-cut your roses every other day.  As a florist we realize this may not always be the case so this is what we do suggest.  When you re-cut your roses do so in warm water.  Keep the stems under water and cut at a 45 degree angle.  This way when you place the rose back in the vase it has a nice wide mouth to drink in the fresh water.  Remove all leaves that will sit under the water level, these green leaves can bread bacteria in your water.  Rinse and clean your vase with a mild detergent and fill with tepid water (room temperature) and your flower food.  

If you follow these steps the roses you receive this Valentine's Day will provide you with days and days of enjoyment.  

For more on fresh flower care visit us here.


  1. I love flowers! They bring such joy and happiness to people and complete every occasion. Sunflowers are my favourite although I'd welcome a dozen roses anytime! Good luck with the 31 DBBB Challenge.

  2. Thank Kathryn for stopping in. So glad to find another flower lover. Too bad you are not closer we are having a great special on roses next week!



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