Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Our Flowers Last So Long

We get asked all the time, "How do you make your flowers last so long?".  Our customers rave over our flowers and how long they last in their arrangements.  We have even had some say they have lasted over 2 weeks.  Now that is amazing for fresh cut some may say.  We say, not if you know how to care for them!

We are clean freaks when it comes to our coolers.  Every week we take everything out of our coolers.  Inspect each bloom for quality, and cut every stem.  We then place it in flower solution that fights bacteria and gives the flowers the sweet sugar they crave.

(This is our cutter ready for all of those flower stems.  Note ~ It's always best to cut under water when trimming flowers)

Now it's time for the cleaning of our cooler.  We take everything out and use hot bleach water to kill any bacteria that may be forming.  Bacteria spreads QUICK in a cool dark place and that is what our cooler becomes every night.  

So after every bloom is inspected & all of our flowers have the food they need we get ready to fill the cooler back up.  We take pride in the care we give to our flowers.  We hope you enjoy the extra time you get to spend with them!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Referral Contest 2012

We know how much you all enjoy our Facebook Page ~ Now it's time to tell your friends about us!

Here is how it works.  

Step 1 ~ Share a our link with your friends ~ It's easy!

At the bottom of our age you will see a Share link.  Simply click that and a box will appear asking if you want to say something about your post.

 Step 2 ~ Tell your friends to come and "LIKE" our page.

Step 3 ~ Now they just have to type in who sent them.  It's that easy!

We will watch who has the most referrals over the next few weeks.  Who ever has the most people "Like" our page and comment on who sent them wins!

What do you win?  You win an Arrangement of The Month for a Year!  WOW!  All for telling your friends how much you like our page. 

Remember how much fun we had when we hit 500 Fans?  Just think of what will be in store for you when we reach 1000!!

Ready Set GOOOOO ~~  Contest ends January 25th, 2012.  We will announce the winner on Friday the 27th!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Look Back on 2011

Another year has passed us by.  We can't believe it is already 2012!  And we know this year is going to be another amazing one.  

We want to start by thanking all of you.  Our friends, fans, clients, and family.  Without your support we could not do what we love every day.  You have helped make 2011 a very successful year.  We had an increase in our sales over 2010 and have seen so many new clients because of the great things all of you are saying about us.  Here is just a little run down on some of the memorable times in 2011.

January ~ January is always our month of planning and preparation.  We clean, organize, inventory, and plan for the upcoming year.  

February ~ The month of love.  Hundreds of lucky guys and gals received flowers & gifts from The Secret Garden this past year.  Here are some of our designs that you all helped us name last year.

March ~ Spring arrives and so did our new monthly feature that you all have enjoyed so much.  We started an "arrangement of the month" and we have had our fans name each one!  It has been as much fun for us as it has for all of the people who have come up with some very creative names.  

April ~ April showers and some amazing spring product hits the shelves.  

May ~ Mother's Day!  One of our favorite months because the weather is warmer and we can start enjoying time outside.  

June, July, & August ~ The slower months of summer, but weddings heat up!  Here are some of the great weddings we created for brides last year. 

September ~ Autumn starts to take over and the colors of fall bloom all around us.  Fall colors are amazing to work with and we just love it!

October ~ We participated in the WSOY food drive this year and it was an amazing success.  With all of our friends & fans supporting the community it warmed our hearts

November ~ Thanksgiving flowers filled the shop.  We saw so many of our friends and clients stop in to help us celebrate Small Business Saturday.  It was our first year to combine our Open House with Small Business Saturday and it will be the start of a great tradition! 

December ~ Christmas at The Secret Garden!  Our Top 10 List was the focus of our Christmas time celebrations this year and it was so much fun.  

So that wraps up another fantastic year at The Secret Garden!  Here comes 2012 and here's to making it the best one yet!


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