Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Our Flowers Last So Long

We get asked all the time, "How do you make your flowers last so long?".  Our customers rave over our flowers and how long they last in their arrangements.  We have even had some say they have lasted over 2 weeks.  Now that is amazing for fresh cut some may say.  We say, not if you know how to care for them!

We are clean freaks when it comes to our coolers.  Every week we take everything out of our coolers.  Inspect each bloom for quality, and cut every stem.  We then place it in flower solution that fights bacteria and gives the flowers the sweet sugar they crave.

(This is our cutter ready for all of those flower stems.  Note ~ It's always best to cut under water when trimming flowers)

Now it's time for the cleaning of our cooler.  We take everything out and use hot bleach water to kill any bacteria that may be forming.  Bacteria spreads QUICK in a cool dark place and that is what our cooler becomes every night.  

So after every bloom is inspected & all of our flowers have the food they need we get ready to fill the cooler back up.  We take pride in the care we give to our flowers.  We hope you enjoy the extra time you get to spend with them!

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