Friday, April 29, 2011

Flower of the Month May ~ Lily

Lily is the flower of the month for May.  With so many lilies to choose from you could easily celebrate all month long.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Asiatic Lily ~ Asiatic lilies come in a variety of shades.  White, yellow, pink, orange, and even ones with multiple colors.
We use Asiatic lilies in arrangements every day and we even carry them in our blooming plant section in the spring. Mexican lilies are very similar in look and appearance to the Asiatic and we enjoy them as well.

Fragrance: Depends on the variety, we have had lovely fragrant lilies and some with a very mild to no scent.

If you are looking for plant care tips for Asiatic Lilies you can read all about it on eHow.

Oriental Lily ~ Oriental lilies have a very large bloom, we also refer to these as hybrid lilies.  The Stargazer is probably our favorite of the Orientals.  These are also a favorite of our brides.  The most popular colors are the white and the stargazer shown on the right.  

Fragrance ~ strong, very strong at times.  When we deliver Oriental lilies the van fills with the scent.  You can always tell in our cooler when one is being stored.  We love the scent, but you may want to avoid giving these as a gift to people who have flower allergies. 

Growing these can be more of a challenge then the traditional Asiatic. You can read all about that in this article

Alstoemeria ~ Also known as "Peruvian Lily" or "Lily of the Incas".  Often we call these "baby lilies".  When describing them over the phone we will say, "they are like little baby lilies", and they are .  They have beautiful centers that are typically darker then the rest of the bloom.  These we typically use as a filler flower in our arrangements but they can also make a beautiful vase. 

Fragrance: Little to none, so perfect for people who do not care for strong scents. 

Growing instructions can be found at eHow.

You may be thinking ~ "You forgot one" ~ "Where is the Calla Lily?".  Well in all truth Calla Lilies are not really lilies at all.  They are herbaceous flowering plants realated to the caladiums and jack-in-the-pulpits.  Even though we do enjoy them and our brides LOVE them!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's in Store for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  The Secret Garden has everything you need to show your appreciation for Mom.  

We work very hard coming up with an exclusive line of floral arrangements for Mother's Day.  These arrangements were named by our Facebook friends, and are true local favorites.  A limited amount of these fresh florals are available so we suggest you place your order early.  You can find our complete selection on our website.  We will also have a variety of vases to choose from if you would like to select the perfect flowers for your Mom.  Not sure what to choose, we would be glad to help!   Does your mom enjoy a touch of high style?  We will have some very nice designer pieces to choose from as well.  Stop in and see our full selection.  

Also for your choosing will be a variety of plants.  We hand select all of our blooming and green plants to insure the quality.  We will have beautiful violets, blooming gardens, as well as dish gardens.  If you don't see something you like simply choose from one of our baskets or ceramic containers and we can custom design something just for your mom.  If she has any questions on the care of her plant we have a blog dedicated to plant care.  We also offer services such as re-potting when the time comes.  Our floral designers are also plant experts and can answer most questions over the phone or in person.  

Custom gift baskets are one of our favorite things.  You will find gift baskets from food to spa available.  Our bath baskets contain fragrant soaps, lotions, and more.  We now offer an herbal line of soaps made right here in Decatur Illinois.  Wiseley Used Herbs is selling her wares right here at The Secret Garden.  We have a few gift baskets made up and ready to go, you can see them here. She will also have her full line available mid May.  If Mom loves chocolate, fruit, or a bit of the gourmet we have you covered.  Simply call us and tell us what she loves and we will design a basket just for her using the freshest product available from our local suppliers.  We love creating these one of a kind treats almost as much as Mom's love getting them.

We also offer a full gift line, from figurines to music boxes you are sure to find something to make Mom smile.  Did you know we ship world wide?  So if mom is far away we can ship your gift for you.  You can select a gift, silk piece, or one of our spa baskets and we can ship them for you.  So across town or across the country we have your Mom covered this Mother's Day.
To wrap it all up we are now offering Leanin' Tree cards.  These cards are made from recycled paper and use soy based inks.  We have a nice selection to choose from too.
Let us be your one stop shop this Mother's Day.  With gas prices on the rise, don't waist money driving all over town.  Stop in today at 1215 E. Pershing Rd. and let us help you choose the perfect gift for your Mom.

Remember not to fall for those ads on TV and radio that make promises that sound too good to be true. We guarantee that your order will be handled with care, with the freshest flowers available, and prompt friendly service.  

We will offer delivery for Mother's Day through Saturday May 7th.  For the last minute shopper we will be open from 10am to 2pm on Sunday May 8th.  We will not offer delivery on Sunday May 8th though so be sure to get your delivery orders placed by Saturday at noon.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Care & Handling of Your Potted Hyacinth

Spring, oh beautiful spring.  The number one request we receive at The Secret Garden during spring is for blooming plants.  We send them to family, friends, co-workers, and even have people buy them for themselves.  So now the question ~ "How do I care for my blooming plant?"

In this article we will discuss the care and handling of one of our favorites ~ Hyacinth. 

  • Keep your Hyacinth in a cool location.  Avoid placing it under heating vents, on top of electronics, or in rooms that have a habit of getting very warm.  The cooler the temperature the longer your hyacinth will bloom for you.  We try to keep our shop under 70 degrees in the day and down to about 55 degrees in the night time.
  • Water your hyacinth every 2 to 3 days.  Avoid over watering, the valuable nutrients in the soil will be washed away if you do this.  If you are unsure if your plant needs water test it with the pencil trick.  Put a sharpened pencil down into the soil, about 1/2 way down the depth of the pot.  If it comes out dry, your plant needs water, if it comes out moist you are fine.
  • Bright indirect light works best.  Make sure your plant enjoys all of the sunlight it can get without placing it in a window.  We find that if the plant receives to much light the blooms open quicker and it can also scorch the leaves of your hyacinth.
If you follow these simple steps your hyacinth will enjoy a long healthy life.  Now remember to save those bulbs to be planted again this fall.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Traditional or High Style?

As florist we are asked to create arrangements for different types of people in all walks of life.  We ask questions like: what colors do they like, what is their favorite flower, do you want something traditional or high style.  This is where it gets a bit tricky.  What is high style?  Does traditional mean "old fashion"?  This is where educating our customers on the ever changing world of floral design comes in.

Traditional florist designs are normally large and full designs, be it in a vase or basket.  Traditional center pieces are typically round in shape and have baby's breath or greenery to fill in all of the "holes" between flowers. 

High Style or Modern arrangements typically use less flowers and have more empty space.  The "negative space" is part of the design and contributes to it's overall appearance and feel.  

So let us take a look at an example of each and discuss them a bit more.

Traditional Style: This is a forward facing arrangement.  The back of the arrangement has a few pieces of fern fill in the back.  The clear glass vase is decorated with a bow.  

1 Stem of Stargazer Lily
3 Red Roses
2 Stems of Alstroemeria
1 Bunch of Babies Breath as filler.

The fullness of the design is not from the flowers themselves but from the filler used.  The filler helps close in the gaps between flowers and create an overall full look to this arrangement.

High Style - Modern ArrangementThis arrangement is also forward facing, very little greenery in the back.  The roses create a line that draws your vision to the focal flower, the stargazer.  A few types of greenery are used to create some added texture.  

1 Stem of Stargazer Lily
1 Stem of Alstroemeria
1 Stem of Spray Roses
3 Red Roses

As you can see just about the same amount of flowers were used in this design.  We eliminated the babies breath and one stem of alstroemeria to add the spray roses.  

Now what is the cost of these two arrangements?  Do you think one would cost more then the other?  Would you be shocked if we told you the cost is the SAME on each of these?  What did you think would cost more.  We bet each of you would have a different answer.

Some will say the traditional arrangement is fuller and surely cost more.  Some would say the High Style must cost more because of the "look" you receive.
Each of these arrangements would sell for around $45 to $50 in our shop on a typical day.  This excludes holidays where the demand for flowers is high and the prices do go up.  

So how do you choose?  Make your decision based on who you are sending the flowers too.  

If your recipient is always on top of the latest trend, loves designer clothing, works in an upscale office, loves to have "unique" things then go High Style.  She will LOVE it and she will want more of it.
If your recipient is not concerned about the latest and greatest new gadgets, could care less who got voted off of Idol last week, and enjoys a calm and bling free wardrobe, then traditional is the way to go.
You will know what is best when the time comes.  If you want to have a look at more of our High Style or Traditional offerings visit our website.  

Just remember that flowers bring smiles to all who see them.  Even if you are unsure of what to send, whatever they receive they will treasure.  They will know that you thought of them and cared enough to send a gift of true beauty.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How do you say Thank You?

A little history according to our friends at Holiday Insight:

"When :
Administrative Professional's Day: April 27, 2011
Administrative Professional's Week is celebrated:: April 24-30, 2011

National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary's Day was created  in 1952 through the work of Harry F. Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam. Klemfuss recognized the importance and value of the position to a company or business. His goal was to encourage more women to become secretaries. Using his skill and experience in public relations, Klemfuss, promoted the values and importance of the job of secretaries. In doing so, he also created the holiday in recognition of the importance of secretaries.
Today,  the title is changing and evolving. But, the recognition is equally important. There are two new terms in use today. They are "Administrative Professionals" and "Executive Admins". The two names sometimes mean different roles and responsibilities to different companies. Both are broader terms, that encompass more positions than the original "Secretary" role.
The name change recognizes and acknowledges that the role has changed significantly since 1952, and for the better at that. And in Harry Klemfuss' day, these postions were the realm of women. Today, you find some males in these positions.
The most common ways of recognizing your Administrative Professional(s) today are:
  • Flowers
  • Cards, often with shopping gift certificates
  • Take them to lunch 
  • Candies
  • Assorted Gift Baskets"
How do you say Thank You to someone who helps you daily?  A person that juggles the phones, filing, all your appointments, and never lets you forget a special occasion?  Chances are your Administrative Professional does this and so much more on a daily basis.  So how do you thank them for everything they do for you every day of the year?  Simple, say it with flowers, or a great gift from The Secret Garden.

Here are a few of the things we have to offer up for your Administrative Professional(s).

This beautiful European dish garden is sure to brighten up the office.  It features lush green plants and a blooming plant for some great color.  We find these work wonderful in an office setting.  They do not take large amounts of light to grow.  They can also be kept on a desk or small table around the office. 

To order this arrangement for delivery visit us here.

If flowers are what you are looking for we have many styles to choose from.  This small rose bowl arrangement will fit on a desk just right.  It has hearty flowers and will last all week long.  It is sure to bring a smile with the bright colors the flowers offer.  

To order this arrangement for delivery visit us here.

Looking for a keepsake gift?  This arrangement provides not only the joy of flowers but the enjoyment of a mug for everyday use.  Bright colorful flowers and some fun decorative pencils make this choice a favorite of ours.  Again the small size of this arrangement is perfect for a desk or small work space.

To order this arrangement for delivery visit us here.

How about something for the office to share?  Any of these great gifts make for an outstanding day at the office.

Candy Bar Vase ~ Don't worry the Balloon will say "Thank You" or "Your Appreciated", something fitting for your administrative assistant. 

To order this tasty treat visit us here.

Need a healthy choice?  This fruit basket is perfect for sharing at the office.  It will come loaded with fresh fruit to carry them through the day.  
To order this tasty treat visit us here.

Our signature Peal and Eat cake is a local office favorite.  We have so many requests for this the word must be out.  Again we will select a balloon that will thank your office staff for their hard work.

To order this tasty treat visit us here.
Not sure what to send?  It's okay we can help with that too.

Our professional trained florists can select the perfect arrangement for you.  We will fill your arrangement with fresh flowers and deliver them with a smile. To have a florist choice bouquet delivered visit us here.

Now don't forget to add a balloon and a beautiful leanin' tree card.  There, that wasn't so bad was it?  Your assistant will be so proud of you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Order Mother's Day Flowers & Save

Mother's Day is May 8th, 2011

This Mother's Day thank Mom for everything she does for you everyday of the year.  

We have an amazing selection of Mother's Day flowers this year. Some of the designs have even been named by our Facebook Friends.  

As a special thank you to our loyal customers, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed before April 30th, 2011.

When you shop early you receive the best selection and guaranteed delivery on Friday May 6th or Saturday May 7th.  We will also be open on May 8th from 10am to 2pm for you to pick up your arrangement, if you want to hand deliver the flowers to mom yourself.  

For those of you who have Mom's that live outside of our delivery area we can help you find a florist in that area.  Remember you do not want to outsource your Mother's Day flowers, be sure to contact a local florist.
When placing your order on the phone, in person, or online use coupon code: SGMD2011.

The Secret Garden
1215 E. Pershing Rd.
Decatur, IL 62526

Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Special Creations for Mother's Day 2011

These arrangements were custom designed by our designers then named by our friends on Facebook.  Every year we come up with unique arrangements that you will not find anywhere else.  We select the perfect containers, flowers, and this year our fans selected the names.  We hope you enjoy the selection, and we do remind you to place your orders early because of the limited supply.

 "A Mother's Touch".  Named by: Toni Nave Watts

This beautiful white wicker basket is full of pastel flowers.  Inside you will find fragrant stock, carnations, alstroemeria, cushion mums and more.  A little bird has stopped by to enjoy the flowers, isn't he just adorable!
Price: $46.99

"Loads of Love" Named by: Robin Long Boils

This adorable wheelbarrow comes loaded with bright daisies, button mums, and love.  We have a few different wheelbarrows to choose from so be sure to ask about our color selection when you place your order.
Price: 36.99
"Treasured Moment" Named by: Amber Hendrickson-Powell

We have a variety of colors of these cute little daisy covered pails to select from.  Each will be filled with miniature carnations, daisies, button mums, and a purple iris.  The tin can be used again to pot a plant, hold keepsakes, or it would make a great pencil cup.
Price: 34.99

"Butterfly Kisses for Mom" Named by: Carol Chiligiris

The terracotta pot is available in 3 different colors.  Show here is the pink pot with an adorable butterfly charm around the neck.  Each pot will have a butterfly to match the pot color.  It holds gerbera daisies, spray roses, tulips, and wax flower.  
Price: 51.99

We will also be offering designer vases, bowls, baskets of flowers, and potted plants.  To see our full line of Mother's Day items visit our website.

Even if you do not choose to shop with us this Mother's Day, please remember to buy direct from a local florist.  Don't outsource your Mother's Day flowers.  Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town!

Easter ~ How we love to see you arrive.  It means the begging of spring.  The flowers and trees are blooming, the grass is getting greener, and the temperature is getting warmer. 

So what does The Secret Garden offer for Easter?  A little bit of everything.  Over the years we have sent out many an Easter Bunny, made corsages for Easter Sunday, and sold thousands of Easter Lilies.  So how do you choose?  Simple you follow your inner bunny.

What is it that you want to say this Easter?  If it is welcome spring then something from our Spring line is perfect for you.  If it is Hoppy Easter, then check out our Easter Selection.  

Easter corsages:  Easter corsages are a popular gift at Easter time.  They are typically given to mothers and grandmothers to wear to Easter services.  You can choose your flower, ribbon, and choose from pin on or wrist corsages.  We have a variety to choose from and they will all be presented in a beautiful clear box so they are perfect for gift giving.

We suggest that you order at least 3 days in advance for best selection.  Flowers go fast this time of year so we want to make sure that you get what you need.

Easter Lilies:  Easter lilies are everywhere, just like Poinsettias at Christmas.  But are they getting the proper care before they arrive at your home?  As florists we take extra special care of all our potted plants and Easter Lilies are no exception.  We can delivery these to the home, church, or place of business.  You can include a card with a personalized message.  We also have a special blog all about care and handling of Easter Lilies that you will find here

So no matter what you want to give this Easter we can help.

Stop in today at 1215 E. Pershing Rd, give us a call at 217-875-9038 or order online

When you shop with us this Easter you will save 10% when you mention code: SGEB11.  When ordering online you will be asked to enter this code.  When shopping in person or over the phone just let the sales associate know you have a code to save.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Designer's Choice ~ When only the best will do

So there you are sitting at the computer trying to find the perfect floral arrangement for that someone special.  You are flipping through hundreds of pictures trying to decide what to get.  We can help with that.  We can make it simple.  We can make the person who receives your flowers say ohhh ahhh.  The best part, you don't have to decide on anything!  Simply choose our Designers Choice bouquet and we will do the rest for you.

Florists are artists by nature.  Each empty vase is like a blank canvas and the flowers are the paints to choose from.  When we see the occasion, who it is going to, what your message is to that person, a story starts to take shape.  We start to see what you want to express with your flowers and the inspiration flows.  We look at that vase and say, "I know what I want to do".  Then we select the flowers, greenery, and accents to create that bouquet.  It will be one of a kind, it will be unique, and it will be made with love and care.  This is what we love about being florists, this is what we live for everyday. 

We have no problem creating a stock design for you.  We do hundreds of these a week.  Some days we even have the same bouquet going to 2 or 3 different people.  Heck we have even had to call and request a change in order because the same bouquet was going to the same funeral.  That is one major downside of picking a stock image, it's not that unique.  
The other major downside of choosing this option is flower selection.  The bouquet you pick may look like the image above, but are those flowers in the cooler today, maybe.  Maybe we had a run on stargazers and we are all sold out, what then.  Everyone seems to think that florists have every flower, every day of the week, that is just not possible.  Then we go to "as similar as possible", and your bouquet will change.  Will it be beautiful, yes it will, will it be exactly as shown, no it will not.  You also have to take into account that flowers are natures product, this weeks pink rose may be bright and vibrant where as next weeks may have a different tint all together.  This will also change the overall appearance of your bouquet. 

So the next time you are in the market for flowers let your florist help you decide.  

If you are one of our customers we make it easy to order a florist choice bouquet online ~ Here from our website.  You can also stop in and see what is fresh in the cooler, 1215 E. Pershing Rd.  Or pick up that phone and give us a call at 217-875-9038 and we will talk you through it.  

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Outsource Your Mother's Day Flowers

With Mother's Day right around the corner we are in full swing at The Secret Garden.  Every year we select containers and fill them with flowers to create our own unique designs.  You can visit our website to see our full selection, we are adding to it as we get names for our creations from our Facebook Friends

We decided this is a good time to inform our followers about the benefits of buying from a local florist vs a national company.  

For Valentine's Day our Friends at the 3/50 project wrote and amazing article all about this and we will be sharing some of their information with you.  

So here is what all of that means to you.  When you call a national company they keep the "processing fee" and 20% of the order. You pay them XX dollars and they take out the processing fee and the 20%.  Then they use wire services such as Teleflora, FTD, Bloomnet, and a few others to find a local florist to send your order too.  When your order arrives at the florist it will say something like this:  YYY Arrangement $35.50, price includes delivery, fill as similar as possible.  Now the florist takes out the delivery fee, in most cases about $9.00, the price of the labor it takes to create your arrangement about 20%, and the cost of the container.  Leaving a small amount for the flowers the florist can use to make your arrangement look like what you have seen on the screen.  This is where most of the florists run into problems, they are not able to make the arrangement look like the picture with the amount of money given.  They end up using less flowers, a smaller container, or sending the order to another florist because they are unable to create it to their satisfaction.

What this means to you:  You will receive less then what is promised by the order taker.  You may not receive the arrangement you ordered.  Or your order may not be delivered at all if the florists in that area are unable to fill the order.  This is where the complaints start.  

How to avoid these issues.  Call a local florist, or order online direct from them.  You can do a quick search engine search to find a florist in the area you are needing your flowers delivered too.  When using this method always check the website for a physical address, this insures that you are ordering from a local florist and not an order taker in disguise.  This may take a few extra minutes but it will be worth it in the end, we promise.  

When you call your local florist they can tell you what they have to offer, they can describe the arrangements to you, and insure that your flowers can be delivered when you want them.  You will also receive the full value for your money.

So this Mother's Day, do not outsource your flower order, call a local florist. 

For more articles like this check out our Too Good to Be True Series. 
Article 1, Article 2.  Or our blog on order takers.  

Thank you for supporting the local florist in your community.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Introducing DIY Special Events

Weddings are one of the best things about being a florist.  Helping the bride find just the right flowers to express her unique style is an amazing experience.  So you can imagine our disappointment when more and more brides were deciding to go the Do It Yourself route and not let us share in their special day.  So we had to come up with a new way to take part in special days.  We are proud to announce the creation of DIY Special Events.  

Our Mission Statement:  DIY Special Events is committed to providing the freshest flowers for your event.  We want your special event to be one to remember forever.  Backed with years of knowledge as a retail florist we can help you create the day of your dreams.

What We Offer:  We offer a wide variety of fresh cut flowers at bulk prices.  This allows you to stay within your budget for your big event. Your flowers will be inspected for quality, processed in floral solution, and stored in our floral cooler. We will provide you with the care and handling information needed to keep your flowers fresh. 

Packaging:  Your flowers will arrive in bulk packaging.  You will need to process the flowers upon receiving them.  This may include removing rose thorns, allowing flowers to open, and keeping the flowers in floral solution.  Some flowers require more time to open and we will provide you with that information before your order.  

Free Consultation:  A free ordering consultation is provided.  We suggest you call us at 217-875-9038 at least 90 days before your wedding to make your appointment.  At this consultation we will get the list of flowers you wish to order, write you out a price quote, and answer questions about our services.  We will also provide you with a checklist so that you will have everything you need to care for your flowers.  All orders must be paid in full at least 3 weeks before the arrival date of the flowers.  We will notify you of your order date at this consultation.

Paid Consultations:  For a fee, you can schedule an appointment with one of our bridal consultants.  We will work with you to determine the flower count you will need for your event.  By going over the bouquets, center pieces, and your needs we can provide a flower count and estimate for you.

Hybrid Weddings:  This is the perfect package for an event with many layers.  For example, we can complete your wedding and church flowers, and you can complete your reception work.  We have several levels of hybrid weddings and can discuss these at your free consultation.  We suggest you schedule this consultation at least 4 to 6 months prior to your wedding day.  If you choose this option a deposit will be required to hold your date.

Visit our website at or our blog for more details, ideas, and flower selection. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Tweet Gift

So we have had this birdcage hanging out for a while now.  We pick it up and look at it and wonder, what can we do with this?  Well yesterday Carol decided it was time to spruce it up and make something springy in it.

She took some of our spring silk flowers, a robin, and a nest to make this cute arrangement.  Now our bird and cage are ready for a new home.  It's so much fun to see something transform into an arrangement.  Just a few little touches took this cage from drab to fab.

We invite you to do the same.  What is laying around your house that you just don't know what to do with?  Need ideas?  Bring it in and we can help you make something that you will treasure.  We can even use your piece and design something for you if you are not the designer type.  Let us "recycle" something old and turn it into something fresh and new!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Lily Care

Easter Lilies make a wonderful gift this time of year.  Chances are you will receive one or you may buy one for yourself.  Here are some tips on keeping your lily healthy so you can enjoy it all season.
  • Keep the soil moist but be sure not to over water.  To check your water level simply put a lead pencil in the soil, if it comes out dry it is time to water.  The top soil will dry faster then the soil around the roots so this is a good way to see how moist the soil is.
  • Cool steady temperatures will make your lily last longer.  Temperatures around 60 to 65 degrees are best.  Avoid warm and cold drafts from doors, vents, heaters, and windows.
  • Your lily will bloom best in bright, but indirect sunlight.  Setting the lily in the window may "scorch" the blooms or the foliage.  This will make the lily bloom out faster and can give it long term damage and prevent it from re-blooming.
  • Remove the pollen, yellow anthers, from your lily.  This will prolong the life of the blooms and help protect clothing, table cloths, and more from the yellowish stains caused by pollen.
  • For tips on transplanting your lily when the time comes read this great article.
So as you can see proper care will help keep your Easter Lily lasting longer and insure it looks beautiful on Easter morning.  As a florist we will insure that we take good care of your Easter Lily before it even arrives at your door.  We will monitor the water, light, and temperatures for you.  Not to insult the big box stores but when you see them sitting in the doorway and the pots are dry you know that they are not receiving the proper care.  You may pay a little more at a florist for your poinsettia but you will get more in return.  Remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for."?  Well in this case that is 100% true.

April Newsletter

We want to wish you a very happy Spring.  Time to put the snow shovels away and start thinking of digging in your garden.  It has been a long time coming, this winter was so long and very cold.  Now it's time for the flowers to start blooming and the trees to start budding. 
We started our spring by attending the Illinois State Florist Convention.  So many great workshops and classes it got our minds racing for the new season.  So many new things coming your way, including a new logo for the shop, a face lift for the inside of our building, a new website, and so much more.  It is a very exciting time at The Secret Garden and we will keep you posted!

Easter Lily Care:

Easter Lilies make a wonderful gift this time of year.  Chances are you will receive one or you may buy one for yourself.  Here are some tips on keeping your lily healthy so you can enjoy it all season.
  • Keep the soil moist but be sure not to over water.  To check your water level simply put a lead pencil in the soil, if it comes out dry it is time to water.  The top soil will dry faster then the soil around the roots so this is a good way to see how moist the soil is.
  • Cool steady temperatures will make your lily last longer.  Temperatures around 60 to 65 degrees are best.  Avoid warm and cold drafts from doors, vents, heaters, and windows.
  • Your lily will bloom best in bright, but indirect sunlight.  Setting the lily in the window may "scorch" the blooms or the foliage.  This will make the lily bloom out faster and can give it long term damage and prevent it from re-blooming.
  • Remove the pollen, yellow anthers, from your lily.  This will prolong the life of the blooms and help protect clothing, table cloths, and more from the yellowish stains caused by pollen.
  • For tips on transplanting your lily when the time comes read this great article.

Flower of the Month ~ Daisy Daisies
Daisies are the flower symbol for the month of April.  With thousands of varieties grown in the United States and Europe you are sure to find one you love.  Because they are such a hearty flower, daisies are a favorite of florists and buyers alike.  They have an excellent vase life, and look so bright and cheery people just can't help but smile!

Arrangement of the Month
April Showers
As promised each month we will feature a seasonal arrangement, making flower giving even easier.  This month we are featuring these cute little rain boots filled with daisies.  So not only do we cover the age old "April Showers", we incorporated the Flower of the Month.  You can see this arrangement in our cooler or on our website while supplies last.  Don't miss out, order yours today!  217-875-9038 or stop in and visit at 1215 E. Pershing Rd.  

Introducing DIY Special Events
We noticed, in the last year or so, more and more of our brides were doing parts of their wedding in a DIY mode.  So we decided to cater to these Do It Yourself brides by developing, DIY Special Events.  Our website and blog are dedicated to these special brides and party planners.  We will also pair these sites with the expertise of our staff to help create the wedding, or event, of your dreams.  If you know a bride planning a DIY wedding please pass this information on to her.  We will thank you for it and so will she!

Lori Barrett, ICPF
Lori Barrett, ICPF
Recently I became an Illinois Certified Professional Florist.  This was a great honor for me.  This makes 2 Certified Florists at The Secret Garden and this time next year Michael will make 3.  What does this mean for you?  This means that the florists at The Secret Garden have the knowledge that it takes to create the freshest and most eye pleasing designs in town.


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