Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Designer's Choice ~ When only the best will do

So there you are sitting at the computer trying to find the perfect floral arrangement for that someone special.  You are flipping through hundreds of pictures trying to decide what to get.  We can help with that.  We can make it simple.  We can make the person who receives your flowers say ohhh ahhh.  The best part, you don't have to decide on anything!  Simply choose our Designers Choice bouquet and we will do the rest for you.

Florists are artists by nature.  Each empty vase is like a blank canvas and the flowers are the paints to choose from.  When we see the occasion, who it is going to, what your message is to that person, a story starts to take shape.  We start to see what you want to express with your flowers and the inspiration flows.  We look at that vase and say, "I know what I want to do".  Then we select the flowers, greenery, and accents to create that bouquet.  It will be one of a kind, it will be unique, and it will be made with love and care.  This is what we love about being florists, this is what we live for everyday. 

We have no problem creating a stock design for you.  We do hundreds of these a week.  Some days we even have the same bouquet going to 2 or 3 different people.  Heck we have even had to call and request a change in order because the same bouquet was going to the same funeral.  That is one major downside of picking a stock image, it's not that unique.  
The other major downside of choosing this option is flower selection.  The bouquet you pick may look like the image above, but are those flowers in the cooler today, maybe.  Maybe we had a run on stargazers and we are all sold out, what then.  Everyone seems to think that florists have every flower, every day of the week, that is just not possible.  Then we go to "as similar as possible", and your bouquet will change.  Will it be beautiful, yes it will, will it be exactly as shown, no it will not.  You also have to take into account that flowers are natures product, this weeks pink rose may be bright and vibrant where as next weeks may have a different tint all together.  This will also change the overall appearance of your bouquet. 

So the next time you are in the market for flowers let your florist help you decide.  

If you are one of our customers we make it easy to order a florist choice bouquet online ~ Here from our website.  You can also stop in and see what is fresh in the cooler, 1215 E. Pershing Rd.  Or pick up that phone and give us a call at 217-875-9038 and we will talk you through it.  

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