Friday, April 29, 2011

Flower of the Month May ~ Lily

Lily is the flower of the month for May.  With so many lilies to choose from you could easily celebrate all month long.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Asiatic Lily ~ Asiatic lilies come in a variety of shades.  White, yellow, pink, orange, and even ones with multiple colors.
We use Asiatic lilies in arrangements every day and we even carry them in our blooming plant section in the spring. Mexican lilies are very similar in look and appearance to the Asiatic and we enjoy them as well.

Fragrance: Depends on the variety, we have had lovely fragrant lilies and some with a very mild to no scent.

If you are looking for plant care tips for Asiatic Lilies you can read all about it on eHow.

Oriental Lily ~ Oriental lilies have a very large bloom, we also refer to these as hybrid lilies.  The Stargazer is probably our favorite of the Orientals.  These are also a favorite of our brides.  The most popular colors are the white and the stargazer shown on the right.  

Fragrance ~ strong, very strong at times.  When we deliver Oriental lilies the van fills with the scent.  You can always tell in our cooler when one is being stored.  We love the scent, but you may want to avoid giving these as a gift to people who have flower allergies. 

Growing these can be more of a challenge then the traditional Asiatic. You can read all about that in this article

Alstoemeria ~ Also known as "Peruvian Lily" or "Lily of the Incas".  Often we call these "baby lilies".  When describing them over the phone we will say, "they are like little baby lilies", and they are .  They have beautiful centers that are typically darker then the rest of the bloom.  These we typically use as a filler flower in our arrangements but they can also make a beautiful vase. 

Fragrance: Little to none, so perfect for people who do not care for strong scents. 

Growing instructions can be found at eHow.

You may be thinking ~ "You forgot one" ~ "Where is the Calla Lily?".  Well in all truth Calla Lilies are not really lilies at all.  They are herbaceous flowering plants realated to the caladiums and jack-in-the-pulpits.  Even though we do enjoy them and our brides LOVE them!

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