Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Outsource Your Mother's Day Flowers

With Mother's Day right around the corner we are in full swing at The Secret Garden.  Every year we select containers and fill them with flowers to create our own unique designs.  You can visit our website to see our full selection, we are adding to it as we get names for our creations from our Facebook Friends

We decided this is a good time to inform our followers about the benefits of buying from a local florist vs a national company.  

For Valentine's Day our Friends at the 3/50 project wrote and amazing article all about this and we will be sharing some of their information with you.  

So here is what all of that means to you.  When you call a national company they keep the "processing fee" and 20% of the order. You pay them XX dollars and they take out the processing fee and the 20%.  Then they use wire services such as Teleflora, FTD, Bloomnet, and a few others to find a local florist to send your order too.  When your order arrives at the florist it will say something like this:  YYY Arrangement $35.50, price includes delivery, fill as similar as possible.  Now the florist takes out the delivery fee, in most cases about $9.00, the price of the labor it takes to create your arrangement about 20%, and the cost of the container.  Leaving a small amount for the flowers the florist can use to make your arrangement look like what you have seen on the screen.  This is where most of the florists run into problems, they are not able to make the arrangement look like the picture with the amount of money given.  They end up using less flowers, a smaller container, or sending the order to another florist because they are unable to create it to their satisfaction.

What this means to you:  You will receive less then what is promised by the order taker.  You may not receive the arrangement you ordered.  Or your order may not be delivered at all if the florists in that area are unable to fill the order.  This is where the complaints start.  

How to avoid these issues.  Call a local florist, or order online direct from them.  You can do a quick search engine search to find a florist in the area you are needing your flowers delivered too.  When using this method always check the website for a physical address, this insures that you are ordering from a local florist and not an order taker in disguise.  This may take a few extra minutes but it will be worth it in the end, we promise.  

When you call your local florist they can tell you what they have to offer, they can describe the arrangements to you, and insure that your flowers can be delivered when you want them.  You will also receive the full value for your money.

So this Mother's Day, do not outsource your flower order, call a local florist. 

For more articles like this check out our Too Good to Be True Series. 
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Thank you for supporting the local florist in your community.  

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