Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Lily Care

Easter Lilies make a wonderful gift this time of year.  Chances are you will receive one or you may buy one for yourself.  Here are some tips on keeping your lily healthy so you can enjoy it all season.
  • Keep the soil moist but be sure not to over water.  To check your water level simply put a lead pencil in the soil, if it comes out dry it is time to water.  The top soil will dry faster then the soil around the roots so this is a good way to see how moist the soil is.
  • Cool steady temperatures will make your lily last longer.  Temperatures around 60 to 65 degrees are best.  Avoid warm and cold drafts from doors, vents, heaters, and windows.
  • Your lily will bloom best in bright, but indirect sunlight.  Setting the lily in the window may "scorch" the blooms or the foliage.  This will make the lily bloom out faster and can give it long term damage and prevent it from re-blooming.
  • Remove the pollen, yellow anthers, from your lily.  This will prolong the life of the blooms and help protect clothing, table cloths, and more from the yellowish stains caused by pollen.
  • For tips on transplanting your lily when the time comes read this great article.
So as you can see proper care will help keep your Easter Lily lasting longer and insure it looks beautiful on Easter morning.  As a florist we will insure that we take good care of your Easter Lily before it even arrives at your door.  We will monitor the water, light, and temperatures for you.  Not to insult the big box stores but when you see them sitting in the doorway and the pots are dry you know that they are not receiving the proper care.  You may pay a little more at a florist for your poinsettia but you will get more in return.  Remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for."?  Well in this case that is 100% true.

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