Friday, April 22, 2011

Traditional or High Style?

As florist we are asked to create arrangements for different types of people in all walks of life.  We ask questions like: what colors do they like, what is their favorite flower, do you want something traditional or high style.  This is where it gets a bit tricky.  What is high style?  Does traditional mean "old fashion"?  This is where educating our customers on the ever changing world of floral design comes in.

Traditional florist designs are normally large and full designs, be it in a vase or basket.  Traditional center pieces are typically round in shape and have baby's breath or greenery to fill in all of the "holes" between flowers. 

High Style or Modern arrangements typically use less flowers and have more empty space.  The "negative space" is part of the design and contributes to it's overall appearance and feel.  

So let us take a look at an example of each and discuss them a bit more.

Traditional Style: This is a forward facing arrangement.  The back of the arrangement has a few pieces of fern fill in the back.  The clear glass vase is decorated with a bow.  

1 Stem of Stargazer Lily
3 Red Roses
2 Stems of Alstroemeria
1 Bunch of Babies Breath as filler.

The fullness of the design is not from the flowers themselves but from the filler used.  The filler helps close in the gaps between flowers and create an overall full look to this arrangement.

High Style - Modern ArrangementThis arrangement is also forward facing, very little greenery in the back.  The roses create a line that draws your vision to the focal flower, the stargazer.  A few types of greenery are used to create some added texture.  

1 Stem of Stargazer Lily
1 Stem of Alstroemeria
1 Stem of Spray Roses
3 Red Roses

As you can see just about the same amount of flowers were used in this design.  We eliminated the babies breath and one stem of alstroemeria to add the spray roses.  

Now what is the cost of these two arrangements?  Do you think one would cost more then the other?  Would you be shocked if we told you the cost is the SAME on each of these?  What did you think would cost more.  We bet each of you would have a different answer.

Some will say the traditional arrangement is fuller and surely cost more.  Some would say the High Style must cost more because of the "look" you receive.
Each of these arrangements would sell for around $45 to $50 in our shop on a typical day.  This excludes holidays where the demand for flowers is high and the prices do go up.  

So how do you choose?  Make your decision based on who you are sending the flowers too.  

If your recipient is always on top of the latest trend, loves designer clothing, works in an upscale office, loves to have "unique" things then go High Style.  She will LOVE it and she will want more of it.
If your recipient is not concerned about the latest and greatest new gadgets, could care less who got voted off of Idol last week, and enjoys a calm and bling free wardrobe, then traditional is the way to go.
You will know what is best when the time comes.  If you want to have a look at more of our High Style or Traditional offerings visit our website.  

Just remember that flowers bring smiles to all who see them.  Even if you are unsure of what to send, whatever they receive they will treasure.  They will know that you thought of them and cared enough to send a gift of true beauty.  

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