Monday, February 1, 2010

Too Good To Be True Part 2

Hello again.  I am sorry for the delay in the posts it has been a good kind of crazy around our little shop! 

When we last left off I had promised to tell you how to spot a true local florist when searching for one online.  Well here are a couple of good ways to do just that!

Why do you want local?  Well that is an easy one.  When you call an order taker they will ask you when you would like it delivered, who it is going to, how much you would like to spend, and what you want on the card.  They will then get your payment info and thank you for the order.  Next they will take a percent of the total amount given to them as a fee and call a local florist to fill your order.  Now that florist must deduct labor, delivery, and the cost of the container from the amount given to them by the order taker.  What does this mean to you?  If you allowed 60.00 for your floral arrangement by the time it arrives at the door you will be lucky to receive 30.00 worth of flowers.  If you want to learn all about the way this works visit one of our favorite sites: Florist Detectives.  This is one of the best places we have found to learn about scams, drop shippers, and how to get the most for your floral dollar.

Here are some tips on finding a local florist:

  • When you search online for a florist always look for a street address on the website.  Most of the 1-800 order taking sites will just have a toll free number to call and you will not be able to find a physical address on the website.   
  • The next thing you can do is call the phone number and ask for directions to the shop.  If they can not give you the directions then they are not an actual florist.   
  • Also the top 3 or 4 ads on google or yahoo are just that, paid ads.  People pay more for those locations and we have found this is normally where you will find the majority of the order taking services.  

We know that not everyone will order from us this holiday but we do ask that you keep your floral dollars local and help the florists in your area.  We help the community in many ways, providing jobs, buying from our suppliers, and giving donations to local charities.  We hope that you will support your local florist.

Thanks for your time!  We will talk again soon!

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