Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank you Decatur

When we got the call this year from Edward Jones to assist them in collecting food for the WSOY Food Drive we said, "absolutely, how can we help."  The bags were dropped off at the store and we went to work.  We wanted something that would thank the community for their help, and to collect at least 100 pounds of food.  I had read about a great idea in a florist magazine and the plan was put into place. After several calls to wholesalers to insure we would have enough roses to go around, the plan was in motion.  We went live with our 2+10=12 event on Monday the 26th of September.  

Then we sent out press releases to the local media.  We received a phone call from Brian Byers on Tuesday morning and he stopped in to discuss it with us.  He offered to help spread the word, and we agreed to run some advertisements on his show to help get the word out.  Now we were cooking.  

When all was said and done we had collected 210 pounds of food (100 pounds over our goal), and we had sold over 900 roses!!!  

We extend a heartfelt Thank YOU to all of you who came and donated food.  We had people coming in with bags of food instead of just 2 cans.  We were so excited to see the boxes fill up.  It was amazing to see the amount of food we collected. 

Next year we plan to do it all over again!  We can't wait to start planning our 2nd annual event.  

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