Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Introducing Our Free Reminder Service

Have you ever forgotten a birthday or an anniversary.  Let us help keep you from doing that again.  Introducing "My Special Dates".  

How it works ~ 
  • Click on this link and give them your special dates.  Don't worry about the floral code, it's covered in the link.  
  • You can set up reminders for as many occasions as you would like.  It will even remind you when holidays are coming up.  
  • Then you tell them when you would like to be reminded, a few days before, day of, or however you would like.  
  • Then you tell them how you want to be reminded.  By Phone, Text, or email.  
  • Let My Special Dates do the rest.
When you sign up for email or text alerts they will even include a link to our website for easy ordering.   And you will receive an offer code good for 10% off your purchase just for signing up!

The best part ~ It's FREE.  Free to sign up, free to use, and free from worries.  

Don't let an important date slip through your fingertips, sign up today!

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