Thursday, July 22, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 4

 So today I became a spy!  Yes, part of my 31 day to better blogging challenge was to scope out a blog in my niche and see what makes them tick.  I investigated there posts, followers, how they promote, and what makes people keep coming back for more.  I LOVED it!  I felt like a real CIA agent or something.
Here is what I found:
~ There are not a lot of florist blogs out there!  Can you believe that?  With all of the stuff we do and memories we make it seems that very few of us write about it.  Now that could be because most of us are to busy running our shops to take time to write.
~ The few I found have amazing followers.  The followers are dedicated and reply to posts on a regular basis.
~ Florists make pretty good bloggers.  I saw tons of great photos, stories, and promotional ideas.

What I learned from all of this is that I am on the right track.  It's all about sticking with it and writing about topics that showcase our work and knowledge.  The personal touches we add to each post set us apart from each other but we all seem to have the same goal: Educate the public on the joys of flowers.

To see what part of the challenge we are on now go here.


  1. So happy to find someone who loves to garden and has interest in floral arranging! I just bought some jasmine plants today and I can't wait to see them fill out my trellis.

    I recently moved into a new rental location, and we've been working hard to improve the yard on a limited budget and with limited resources. Working outdoors provides such an escape from my life and mind, I don't see why everyone doesn't love to garden! Not to mention the simple ambience and freshness that house plants add to a room. Anyway, I'm rambling--I look forward to reading more of your entries.

  2. I am so glad to find another flower friend as well! I am glad you stopped in and if you are looking for more on care and handling you can check out:

    But the fun posts are always on the family page above or our main page (here). Looking forward to seeing what you have on your blog! Headed there now :)

  3. What a great way to promote your flower shop! I love your descriptions of the people who work for you--you do indeed have a personal touch that will resonate with readers. I used to live in Urbana, and went to Decatur several times.

  4. Thank you Margaret. We truly love what we do and I think that shows a little. Thank you for stopping in and for your words of encouragement.



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