Wednesday, July 28, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 10

Well we are half way through the 31 day challenge and today was another great one!

We were asked to monitor our niche market by using our choice of services.  These services monitor blogs, tweets, mentions, and more of the terms you want to watch for in a blog.

Today I set up at Twendz - this monitors twitter for mentions of whatever you are interested in. ~ I picked The Secret Garden.  Now I can see when someone mentions us in a tweet.  The downside to this is I also see  when someone mentions any Secret Garden.  So I am seeing a stream of book readers, movie watchers, a restaurant in Vegas, and who knows what else.  This will take some fine tuning I am sure but it is fun for now.

I also joined up with Moniteer.  This does just about the same thing but you can monitor 3 different topics.  For us I choose, The Secret Garden, Teleflora, and Flowers.  The best part about this one is you can put in a mile radius so I am just watching tweets within 30 miles of us.

The last one I tried out today was google alerts.  This alerts me to when my above keywords are just about anywhere.  They can appear in tweets, blogs, articles, news outlets, and so much more.  This goes straight to my RSS feed so I can watch it live!  This one I think I will like the most because it is ongoing and always watching.

So now to go back out into the blogosphere and read, read, read!  Have a wonderful evening everyone.

If you want to see more on this challenge simply go here.

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