Tuesday, July 20, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 2

It is day two of the blog challenge and today we have been tasked with making a list post.  I have one here but I think that may be cheating so I will make my new one tonight.
I for one like list posts when I have a lot to say and do not want to get it jumbled in translation.  I could have written an article on Bromeliad care but it would not have been as easy to follow or reference when I'm in a hurry.  That particular list, I now know, is a list within a post.  An extended list would be just the list without the post around it.  I think I have that right but if you are a fellow blogger please correct me if I am wrong.
So now I sit here thinking of what kind of list I can make tonight.  I did not plan a topic because I had no idea what the assignment for today may be (I am not reading ahead).   I think I will update that blog page and put our top 10 sites that we reference when helping a customer with plant care.    I know, not that exciting, but blogs are to inform as well as entertain.  Okay off I go to make my list.. the list will be here when it's done if you want to check it out.

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