Friday, July 23, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 5

Today I had the chance to share some love!  Our challenge today was to either e-mail, visit the blog of, or contact in some way one of the people who commented on one of our posts. 

I went to visit everyone who posted a comment on my family blog and read theirs and posted a comment for them.  I strongly believe that a blog should lead to relationships with your readers.  This is just another forum where we can connect with people.  I try to comment back quickly when someone leaves me a comment but I must admit life gets in the way.  I will also commit to taking time every day to check the comments and make sure that I get a chance to respond to all questions.  Now this may be at 1am but I promise to try to follow up on all of them.  

I am really enjoying this blog challenge.  With so many great women cheering each other one we are all sure to come out stronger then we went in!

To see where we are at in our challenge now go here.

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