Friday, July 16, 2010

Heart Strings

Whenever we get a family member ordering flowers for the loss of a loved one it always tugs the heart strings.  This was a special creation for a wonderful lady from California.  She had just lost her cousin and she wanted to send something to the service.  She told me that she has now lost all of her cousins and she was the only one left from that generation of her family.  Her cousin would have been 99 next month.  
The picture to the left is what we created for her.  To me the yellow, pink, purple, and white make for a very beautiful display.  This design is called a mache and it is left at the graveside.  This was my first mache and with the help of Carol it turned out beautiful.  
I am so happy I could help her express her love and well wishes to the family.  Even though she is far away they will know that she is thinking of them today.

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