Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Calling all carnation lovers ~

 Today when I walked by this bucket of carnations on our counter I caught a beautiful scent.  Now normally the carnations we have in the shop have a very light scent or almost none at all.  But today it was different.  I took a big whiff of them again and called Carol over.
She said, "I don't know why some people do not like carnations, I think they are so pretty."  I agreed.  So we started thinking of reasons people would not like these beautiful creations.

The only thing we could really come up with is the stigma attached to the price of these flowers.  They are typically inexpensive so we think that some people may view them as "cheap".   When you work around flowers you tend to stick up for them when someone is putting them down.  Today I stand up and say ~ Carnations are beautiful, Carnations are fun, and Carnations can be for anyone!  Wow I made that rhymed and I was not even trying.  Anyway next time you are ordering flowers, or stopping in to take some home, why not grab some carnations?

Carnations are long lasting and will outlive the majority of flowers we put them with in an arrangement.  Carnations have a light scent (except for the few that caught my nose today), so even people that are sensitive to strong smelling flowers can enjoy them. 

Wondering how to care for your fresh cut flowers?  Check out our blog here for some helpful tips.

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