Tuesday, July 20, 2010

31 Day blog challenge ~ Day One

So this evening I was browsing around and found this "Problogger Challenge".  Well I am a novice blogger but it did peak my interest.  I read a little, then a little more.  The ideas interested me and so I have joined.  Today is day one, we are to right an elevated pitch... OK had no clue what that one was... but now I do and so I begin.  Digging out my thinking cap and everything, as you can see by my stellar picture to the left. 
So tell us what you think here was our old blog intro:  The Secret Garden is a flower shop located in Decatur Illinois. We hope to make this blog THE place to go for tips and tricks on flower arrangements, handling, and care. We will also use it to showcase our ideas and share news with our followers. We hope you join us and come along with us on our journey!
A little dry I must admit but what can I say... I knew nothing about writing a pitch. 
Here is our new one:  Have you longed to work in a flower shop?  Dreamed of being surrounded by the glorious scents, textures, and beautiful blooms?  Well my friend here is your chance to see the ups and downs of our little shop.  In this blog you will find a little about family, a sampling of our work, a few tangent rants, and a whole lot about flowers!   Step through the gates and into The Secret Garden.  Follow us on our journey and we promise to keep you entertained, informed, and above all else give you time to stop and smell the roses.

Everyday we will show you before and after of our blogging improvements (excluding behind the scenes stuff that is just to html based to brag on), we invite you to come on along with us and to tell us what you think.  I am a bit behind though we were tasked with starting our journey on the 19th.... but only 2 hours late so I think if I work extra hard tomorrow I can catch up :)

To see where we are now on our challenge go here.

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