Monday, July 12, 2010

Country Cottage Inspired!

This is such a cute arrangement.  It was made by one of our designers, Sheryl, who loves to make unique and one of a kind designs. What brilliant colors and summer feel this arrangement has.  It makes me think of long walks in the country with wild flowers, birds, and bees fluttering by.  The vintage look of the birdhouse reminds me of our old 2 story farmhouse.  The summer heat could never keep us inside for long.  Our long country road was the best place to ride bikes and pick flowers for mom.  We spent our days outside then and loved every minute of it.  Long before the days of the internet and play stations kids actually enjoyed the outside!  Now I am not that old just that old fashioned :)  I can remember my dad saying "IN or OUT you are letting the flies in." or how about this one, "We are not paying to cool the outdoors".  Gotta love parents and the wisdom they instilled, I say those same things to my kids today!  So today go take a long walk in the warm summer air, as dad would say, "You think this is hot, wait till summer gets here".
This is such a lovely idea for someone who is having a party, housewarming, or just to say "Thinking of You".  
About this arrangement: This is an all wood container with whitewashed design.  This can later be used as a planter for an indoor or outdoor plant.  The picket fence area holds a fresh bouquet of flowers that include; sunflowers, carnations, mums, statice, and some delphinium.

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