Saturday, July 24, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 6

Today the challenge was a bit more difficult.  We were given a list of 27 blogs to read, skim, look over, or simply study.  Well my beloved laptop has been diagnosed with a scary case of malware so I could only get to a few of them after working on that for most of the evening.

But I did find a few that I really liked~
Chris Garrett wrote about branding. I enjoyed this because we are working hard on our image and brand.  We want to build our reputation and show people what we do and how we do it.  He talked about how a brand can be broken with just a few bad experiences in this world of tweets and facebook.  He also talked about making your brand and how to get it out to the world.
Chris Brogan wrote about different forms of media.  From social media and what works and how to email blasts and blogging.  These are all things that we are working on for the shop and I will go back and read more about them. 
The list is long but if I break it up into many days instead of one I will make it through the relevant topics and apply them to my blogging.
Looks like tomorrow is going to be another great topic... can't read ahead though I promised myself I would take this one day at a time!

To see what challenge we are on today go here.

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