Friday, July 30, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 12

The challenge for today was to set up a schedule for our blog.  Because we are actually running 5 blogs all rolled into one this was a little trickier then it sounds.

To start I took our 5 blog titles and drew a week calendar under each title.  Then I went over to the ideas I came up with yesterday and plugged them into the calendar.  I tried to space out the posts between the blogs so that each one would get new content regularly.  With this 31 day challenge I have my schedule made for this blog easy.  Next I looked at what I had planned for posts and arranged them so that they would flow into each other and create a series.  So you will soon see a series like this on each blog when we have a topic we want to discuss in detail.  Other times you may just see smaller stories or ideas but it will be on a regular basis.

I am really looking forward to seeing the posts flow together to create a major idea.  The schedule will also help me make time to blog each day, sometimes twice a day.  I also look forward to seeing how the readers enjoy this.

Once again the 31 day blog challenge has helped make my blog better then ever!


  1. I'm loving the challenge so much! It's been a terrific learning experience, and I have connected with so many talented bloggers! I'm so glad to be participating.

    I love flowers by the way, and am now going to take a look around your site!

    Peace. ;)
    Michelle @

  2. Michelle, thank you for stopping in. So happy to find another flower lover. This challenge has me doing more blog hopping then writing but that is fine by me I get to meet great people and read some fantastic blogs. Headed over to visit you now =)



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