Friday, July 9, 2010

3/50 Project

The other day while surfing the web I came across a website called "The 3/50 Project".  My interest was peaked so I went in to take a look around.  The first line on the page was this: "What three independently owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared?"  Wow!  That got me thinking... what businesses are around that I could not live without?  Well Krekle's ... but then again it was almost dinner time.  New To You Resale shop... that is my favorite place to bargain hunt.  Tasty's ... did I mention I was hungry at this point.  Well that's my 3 but my mind kept working... Farmer's Market is a must have!  What about Pastabilities, yes still hungry.  Well heck could not live without my own shop either!  Now I'm at 6 and my mind was still racing through all the places I go.  Now I go back to reading and I see that if 1/2 of the US population spent just $50.00 a month in small businesses it would generate 42.6 BILLION, yes that's Billion with a B, in revenue.  Talk about a recession buster! 
So how can I help?  Well I can help by supporting the people that support us.  Going to local shops and restaurants more and really taking the time to thank them for being around.  We are supposed to take my daughter to see "Eclipse" soon and I think we will go downtown.  We will eat at Pastabilites and see the show at The Avon!  That will be a good start.  If we get down there earlier enough I would like to walk around some of the shops and maybe pick up a few things for the office at Haines & Essick.
How can you help?  It's simple.  Commit to spending $50.00 a month among 3 independent businesses.  That is all you have to do!  Now that is not $50.00 at each business that is $50.00 for the month.  Of course all of us small business owners would love it if you spent more but that is not what the project is about. The project is to help the community by reinvesting in the people who make that community so great.  The 3/50 project also says that for every $100.00 spent in small businesses $68.00 is returned to the community where that business is located.  This is through taxes, payroll, and more. 
So if you want an easy way to help your community the answer is simple ~ Shop Local!

If you want to find out more check out the website 3/50 Project.  Let us know what you think!

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