Saturday, July 31, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 13

Todays Challenge ~ Go Shopping!

Well back to school is just around the corner so I almost jumped on this one then I read a bit further.  What they wanted us to do today was look at what was drawing customers to the shops.  I decided I could use our own shop and my personal retail experience to do this so I decided to forgo the mall today.

We have been working on different marketing ideas not only for our blog but for our store.  We have had some success and some failure in both so far and we are learning from each.
The main thing is to have a good hook to draw people in.  I have found with my blog posts if I can make the title interesting folks will stop in and take a look at what we are talking about.   The same way with our sign out front.  See The Name Game for a look at what we do with our sign to draw folks into the shop.

So today I will look at my future posts to see how I can create a hook or interesting title that will get people to want to read.  This does not always have to be a funny title or bizarre but it could be something that is relevant to my customers and/or fellow bloggers.

To see how this challenge started and where it's going click here.


  1. Sharing some comment love from 31DBB! You are doing great! I admire you for posting about every task- I pondered the same idea, but was too lazy. I hope you learn a lot and get a lot out of it- I know I am!

  2. Thanks Nat. I debated it and I just thought it would make it easier to form the habit of posting everyday this way. Thanks again for stopping in and enjoy the challenge.



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