Sunday, August 1, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 14

Well we are almost half way through our 31 day challenge.  Todays Task: Update a Key Page in your Blog.

I just created these blogs about a month ago and the idea of updating them made my head hurt a bit.  I made a big pot of coffee and dug in.  I added about us pages to all but one of our blogs.  I also created a contact us page.  Now I am looking over the flow of the page on the sides to see if boxes and such are where I want them to be.

They asked us what our pet peeves were for blogs that we land on.  One of my biggest ones is not being able to find the box that allows me to follow that person.  I am going through all of my blogs now to make sure that it is easy to find for someone who may want to follow us.  I am also getting smaller twitter and facebook links to add to all of our pages.  I am thinking of putting RSS feed along with these boxes but we will see what the night brings.

I have found this a bit of a challenge because each blog has it's own layout and widths that go with it.  I am having to tweak every box to get it to fit without stretching the page.  This is not hard, just time consuming.

I know that I will like them better when I am done.  I also know that this is an ongoing process that will never end.

Happy Blogging!

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