Monday, August 9, 2010

Memorial Ideas for After the Services

We often have customers that want to find a way to pay tribute to a loved one even after the service is over.

A few ways to do this are to purchase a Grave Saddle or Side Piece that can be displayed at the grave side.  Grave saddles can be placed on the tombstone or on the ground for a long lasting tribute.  These flowers are made of silk and will last for a long time.  This will provide comfort to the visitors that come to the graveside.  You will need to check with your caretaker to see what form of tributes are allowed and when.  Some of the graveyards in our area will only allow items on the ground during holidays or certain times of the year.

A Stepping Stone is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone you love in your home or garden.  Stepping stones can be placed in your garden to give you a quite place to remember your loved one.  Our stones come with an optional easel for inside your home use.  These stones also make a very nice gift to send to the home or funeral.  We often suggest as stepping stone as a tribute at the visitation for someone who is looking for something unique.

This is one of our newest items.  It features "The Chain" written on the pages.  This is an actual book that has been weathered to look old and worn.  The poem has a beautiful picture for a back ground.  The book comes with it's own stand.  We recommend this for people who want to send a personal touch.  This book can be displayed on a mantle or on a small table. 

This memory box has openings all along the outside for pictures, poems, cards, and more.  The inside has 3 separate hanging photo albums.  Each one holds 12 pictures.  The inside also has an opening to store cards and memories.  We have also found it is a nice space for a plant, silk, or even an urn.  We think that this would make a wonderful gift.

This is a new creation for us.  We created this silk floral to hold an urn.  Then we discovered it was perfect for this angel we had in the shop.  The silk flowers are in the shape of a circle along the front.  The back then has taller flower that add height to the arrangement.  An urn can then be placed in the center.  This arrangement can be used at the service or in the home.  Another idea would be to place a picture frame inside the ring at a visitation or memorial service.

This is another top selling item for our shop.  We suggest this as a gift for someone who has lost a close friend or family member.  We think that on a particularly difficult day they could wrap up in this throw to give themselves comfort.  We normally wrap these up with a ribbon and have delivered them to homes and visitations. 

This angel would be beautiful in a garden full of flowers.  We have also had a few customers that wanted to use this inside as a tribute to a loved one.  This angel has beautiful coloring and is holding a small child.  The loss of a child is always difficult.  This could be given to a mother that has recently lost a child of any age.  It would provide great comfort to her in her time of need.
We get several requests for these crosses during the year.  We sell these for not only funerals but for tributes at the graveside.  Memorial day is the most popular time of year for these.  We have also had a request for these to mark milestones such as birthdays and special occasions in the life of the deceased.

We hope that this guide has given you a few ideas on how to pay tribute to a loved one.

If you are looking for a tribute for a funeral please see our selection guide.

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