Friday, August 6, 2010

In Lieu of Flowers

"In Lieu of Flowers".  As a florist these words make us cringe.  For centuries people have used flowers to honor the deceased.  As florists we can not imagine a time when this will not be true.  But more and more we are seeing "In Lieu of Flowers" in obituary listings across the country.  Some of our customers have asked us what they should do, they too are accustom to sending a tribute in the way of flowers.

We suggest you make the decision.  If you feel strongly about sending flowers, plant, or any other type of tribute that is up to you.  The family may not want an excessive amount of flowers to take home.  They may also want to support an organization or group that helped them in the past.  Consider sending an arrangement that can be left grave side.  Also most funeral homes take arrangements to nursing homes and hospitals if the family just can not take them home.  Your flowers will not be wasted.  They will find a loving home and provide comfort at the service.  

We always tell our customers that flowers at a funeral are for the living.  Flowers have also been shown to provide comfort in a time of grief.

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