Monday, August 2, 2010

With Deep Sympathy ~ A Selection Guide

Selecting flowers for a funeral is never an easy task.  We hope that this article will help you select the perfect expression of your sympathy.

When you call your florist they are going to have several questions for you.  They will want to know if you want the flowers to go home with the family or be left at the graveside as a tribute.  They will ask you if you want fresh flowers or a potted plant.  These questions are just the start of your florist helping you find the best sentiment for you.

Let's talk about a few different types of arrangements that you will be asked about.  This will help you have a picture in your head when your florist starts talking about types of arrangements.

Casket Spray

Measures: Measurements will vary depending on the style and flowers.  Normally it will stretch 2-3 feet in length and just about 12-15 inches high.
Sender: This is arrangement is normally chosen by the immediate family and reflects the style and taste of the deceased.
Price Range:  A standard casket spray will start at $150 and increase in price as more flowers, or high end flowers are added.
Post Service: This piece will stay with the casket through and after the service.
Personalization: A beautiful ribbon can be added to the spray to denote the roles the deceased played in life.  For example, Father, Brother, Husband, Son.

Easel Spray: 

Measure: About 4-5 feet tall
Sender: We find that family members prefer these arrangements along with businesses.  They are very large and make for a beautiful accent to the casket spray.
Price Range: You will find that a modest easel spray will start at $70.00 and increase in value as you add more, or higher end, flowers.
Post Service: These arrangements are normally left at the graveside.  This will bring comfort to friends and family who visit the deceased in the days after the funeral.
Personalize:  For family and friends you florist can add ribbons that denote your connection with the deceased.  For example, Sister or Friend.  These normally hang down a little past the lowest flower an excellent way to add a personal touch to the arrangement.

Funeral Mache 

Measures: 2-3 feet tall
Sender:  This piece is popular to a wide spectrum of senders.  It is appropriate for anyone to send.
Price Range: A standard mache will start at around $55.00 and increase in price as you add more, or higher end flowers.
Post Service: This piece is normally created in a plastic or disposable container so it is ideal to leave at the graveside.  Again this will provide comfort for those who visit the graveside in the days that follow the service.
Personalization:  A beautiful bow can be added with a ribbon that denotes the relationship you had with the deceased.  For example, Mother or Wife.

Mixed Vase

Measures: The size of the vase will vary in size.  Your florist can help you decide what is best for your price range and taste.  When ordering online be sure to look for measurements to insure that you select the right size for your taste.
Sender: Anyone.  This is one of the more common requests we receive for a funeral.
Price Range: A vase price is one of the most flexible price scales.  Your florist can help you select the prices and styles that fit your budget.
Post Service:  This arrangement will normally be sent home with a family member or close friend.  You can even request that the vase go home with a preselected individual.
Personalization:  It is possible for us to add a personalized ribbon.  This is not always recommended but can be done to larger, fuller, vases.

Dish Gardens and House Plants

Measurements & Price:  This will vary depending on what you and your florist decide is best for you.  Price ranges of plants can start at around $30 and increase as the type of plant and container change.
Sender: Anyone.  This is another of the most popular items we send for funerals.
Post Service:  The plant you select can be sent home with a specific individual if you wish.  It is typically given to a close friend or family member.
Personalization: Again this is not always recommended but can be added to larger plants and dish gardens.

Fruit Basket

Measures:  A fruit or food basket will vary in size depending on the items in the basket.
Price:  Fruit basket prices will vary.  Your florist can help you choose the size that is right for you.  Our fruit baskets start at around $55 and increase in price as more food items are added.
Sender:  Anyone.  These are popular for businesses to send but we have had friends and family members request them as well.
Post Service:  These are wonderful to have around the house after the service.  When life is turned upside down trying to remember to eat can be difficult.  This will help the family in the days following the service.
Personalization: Typically we do not personalize this type of arrangement.  Depending on the size a nice ribbon would add a personal touch.

We hope that you find this article helpful when selecting a tribute for a loved one.  Over the next few weeks will post more articles in this series.

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