Tuesday, August 3, 2010

31 Day blog challenge ~ Day 16

Solve A Problem ~  As a florist we solve problems all day long.  "I messed up, can you help" says the gentleman who looks a bit ill.  The lady on the phone says, "Can you get that delivered TODAY?".  So solving problems comes natural to me.  I enjoy it actually.   So when the challenge asked us to solve a problem I said, "Yes I can do that!"      I am hoping that I have already answered a few questions in my blogs.  This has been an amazing 2 weeks so far and I know I have learned a lot.  If I have passed on a few good pointers to you, my readers, then I have done my job. 
First we have to identify what type of problems our shoppers have.  What do they want to know.  What do they want to learn about. 
On day 11 when we came up with ideas for our blog I came across several posts that I was going write that would solve problems.  We have already writing some of these posts.

Yesterday we published a guide on the easiest to care for house plants.
Sunday we discussed basic care and handling tips of house plants.
We also started a series on sympathy arrangements and how to choose the one that is right for you.

We hope that these series will become a go to guide for our readers.

On a personal note.  When my husband and I took over the shop we decided the way to have people choose flowers and plants as gifts was to educate people on the benefits.  We feel that if people know more about flowers, ordering, plants, independent business owners, and the benefits of each that they will feel confident that we are the right choice for them. 

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