Thursday, August 19, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 31

Today's Challenge ~ Plan the next steps for your blog.

    With all that I have learned over the last 31 days I feel confident that I have built a better blog.  Now I just have to apply all that I learned.

Today our task was to plan the next steps for our blog.  How we were going to apply what we had learned and follow through.  Here is what I have come up with.

  • This home page will become a virtual newsletter of sorts.  A newsletter will be posted weekly linking to the other sections of the blog.  This will give my readers one central location to find out the goings on for all of the blogs.  This way they can go and read the posts that interest them.  I will also use this page for breaking news and discussions.
  • I want to have more series of posts like this one and like our plant care guide.  This will engage the readers and keep them coming back for more. 
  • I will set up a blog schedule with each blog getting at attention each week.  With the busy holiday time ahead it may be just one post.  The idea is to keep the topics and pages looking fresh for our readers.
  • I will continue to use analytics to monitor and improve my blog.  This will be done monthly.
  • Monthly I will also be checking for dead links and adding links to older posts.  This will help with my SEO ratings and keep the blog up to date.
  • As I post topics that are what I consider "hot topics" I will use stumbleupon and digg to get the word out to others.
  • I would like to reply to readers every morning.  As the blog grows in popularity I may have to save this task for a specific day.  
  • I want to continue to learn and grow.  This means keeping in touch with my SITS friends and exploring new sites that will help me grow my blog.
Well this is it, the final 31 day post.  I can't believe it's been 31 days.  I am proud to have finished the challenge and invite all who are interested to try to do the same.  Here is a link to a recap on SITS that will help you follow the challenge. 

Have fun and happy blogging!


  1. really, really nice plan. I have the concept of my plan in my head - I need to write it out though in a clear format {like yours} and print it & keep it in a place that will keep me motivated to keep moving forward. Nice job. Maybe we outr paths will meet again on SITS :)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I am a planner and without a list I am lost. Going to pop on over to your blogs and have a look around. Have a wonderful day!



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