Saturday, August 14, 2010

31 Day blog challenge ~ Day 27

Today's Task ~ Hunt for Dead Links. 

Because our blog is very new I am pretty confident that the links work the way they did when I set them up.  It is a good idea for everyone to check for dead links on a monthly basis or even more regular if your blog contains lots of links to different places. 

I have written several link posts since the challenge suggested this and we will have to follow up on those links over time.

Dead links can make your blog look out of date.  This can harm your reputation as a Go-To blogger.  It may even harm your SEO rating with search engines.  There are a wealth of free sites that search for dead links.  When we go out to do our hunt we will probably be using either or Xenu's Link Sleuth.

I hope that you are enjoying the challenge so far and have learned as much along the way as I have.

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