Thursday, August 12, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 25

Today's Challenge ~ Ask your reader a question.

I have tried this a couple of times on my blog.  We love to hear from our readers, it makes our day to see them engaged in conversation.  

We post questions to Facebook and Twitter as well to see what our readers think about different topics.  Today we will post a few questions here for our 31 day blogging friends.

1.  What has been the most valuable lesson you have learned over the past 25 days?

2.  Do you feel that your knowledge of blogging has grown due to the challenge?

3.  Have you seen an increase in traffic and readership to your blog since the challenge has begun?

4.  What great blogs have you found because of the challenge?

5.  What one thing will you continue to do to improve your blog after the challenge has ended?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Most valuable to me was discovering a community that covers a lot of niches, but has the overarching mission of helping each other improve our blogs.
    2.My knowledge of blogging has grown exponentially. Before I mostly read art/craft blogs, but there's many fascinating blogs not in that niche.
    3. Yes, I have seen an increase in traffic.
    4. Well, this one of course. Holyoke Home, gnomeangel, onlindenway and many more.
    5. I will definitely keep participating in SITS Girls and Blog Frog to meet even more fascinating women.



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