Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a House Plant

Top 5 things to consider when choosing a house plant.

1.  Pets ~ Some plants can be toxic to pets.  Several types of Lilies for one are very harmful and can even cause death in cats.    Cats have also been known to use the soil in the pot to plant things of their own.  Dogs can also knock over pots and plant stands.  When choosing a plant with pets in your home choose a non-toxic plant.  You may also consider hanging baskets or plants that are small enough for windowsills.

2.  Children ~ Some plants can also be toxic for children.  Children can also place things in the soil that may not be healthy for your plant.  We suggest hanging baskets or keeping your plant up out of reach of the small children. 

3.  Allergies ~   Some blooming plants may aggravate your allergies.  The last thing you want is to decorate your home just to wake up to swollen eyes and a runny nose.  There are several types of house plants that may help with allergies and some that even seem to give relief

4.  Lighting ~ Decide what room in your house you want your plants in.  Watch the sun in that room to see the direction of the natural light.  Will the plant get early light, mid day sun, evening light.  What about the direction, North, South, East, or West.  Knowing this will help you find the right plant for your room.  Most house plants will grow well in any type of natural sunlight.  Some are more sensitive to the degrees of light they will need. 

5.  Your skill level ~ You may want to start out with an easy to care for house plant to begin with if you are just starting out.  As you become more familiar with plants you may want to get more adventurous in your plant buying.  Try things you like, what appeals to you, and what you are drawn to. 

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