Wednesday, August 4, 2010

31 Day blog challenge ~ Day 17

Today our challenge was to have someone else read our blog for the first time.  We were to watch them read it, see what drew there attention.  Then we had some questions to ask.

I fixed my husband a big cup of coffee and had him start reading.  He had some interesting suggestions, things I had not noticed.  It always sheds light on the subject when you can look at it from another perspective.

Here is what he had to say:

  • He thought that the layouts were lovely.

  • When asked what he thought this blog was about he said, "31 day blog challenge"

  • It was easy to read, navigate, and understand

  • He thought that it was a bit crowded and maybe going down to 2 columns would clean it up a bit.

  • He suggested moving some of the information to tabs or other pages.

  • He liked the layout and the design.
Overall he enjoyed his experience and I value his input. 

I think the advice he gave can make our blog more appealing to others as well.  I look forward to working on this again over the weekend.

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