Tuesday, August 10, 2010

31 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 23

Today's Challenge ~ Call to action.

Our challenge today was to write a post to call our readers to action.  This could be done in several ways.  Ask for comments, make a poll, ask readers to follow you, suggest a product, or a long list of others.

What I realized is we do this a lot in our blogs.  Some of our recent posts in this challenge has been to ask for feedback and comments.  We have even asked our customers to support a local charity and support local businesses.

I love to get readers involved in our blog.  This is the way, I feel, you form a true bond and get them to open up to what they want to see and do here.

So loyal readers ~ Tell me ~ How do you get readers to open up to you on your blogs?  What has worked well in the past?  Feel free to leave links so that we can all see what you have done.

I am officially calling you to action!

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