Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 5 Selling Blooming Outdoor Plants

How does your garden grow?  Here is a great list for beginning gardeners.  These are the top 5 outdoor plants that even a novice can grow and enjoy.

Hosta ~ We find that a hosta is beautiful in bloom and out.  The foliage of these plants will grow full and thick and has some beautiful color to it. Hosta plants grow best when they can get a good dose of shade.  You will find the foliage has better and brighter color if it can get enough shade.  Make sure they have plenty of water and nice drainage so that they do not sit in the water.  If you remove the stalk when the bloom is gone you will get the best results.  This helps the rest of the plant receive more nutrients.  In the fall remove the leaves as they die off.  This will prevent pests from making them into a snack and harming your plant.

Peony- They grow on beautiful bushes in the spring, this may be the way we know them best.  If you love big fragarent blooms Peony might just be for you.  Peony plants love well drained soil and plenty of sun.  Full sun is best but if your area is prone to excessive heat, a little shade would suit this plant just fine.  Because the blooms are large and heavy it is best to support your plants with stakes or cages.  These will help them grow taller and stronger.  You will not need to divide these plants like you do most perennials.

Siberian Iris ~ This brand of Iris grows best in well drained, moist soil.  The first year that your iris is in the ground you may not see much growth.  You will see better results over the next couple of years, as you see over to the left they are worth the wait.  They are easy to care for after the first year but they do like a weekly watering, or more in dry periods.  They will grow tall so you may want to plant them towards the back of your garden plot.

Lotus Corniculatus ~ If you are looking for a beautiful filler for between paving stones or other plants these are the flowers for you.  These plants can grow in good sun or in a shady patch.  Corniculatus do not mind what they eat, they can even grow well in poor soil.  This plant will add a lot of color to your walks, yard, and garden.  

Daylily ~ If you are looking for a plant that can withstand dry, shade but will thrive in sunlight.  This beautiful lily will surprise you day after day with beautiful blooms.  The blooms only come out during the day so do not worry when it dies away in the evenings.  

We hope that this article helps you pick the perfect plant for your garden.  

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