Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little bit country a little bit rock and roll

As you all well know it's Holiday decorating season.  It always blows my mind how the same piece can look so different depending on how it's decorated.  A simple sled inspired this post.  These two sleds, even though cute, looked a little plain.  That is until our designer Sheryl got a hold of them.

A little bit country: 

This "country" arrangement features winter greens, plaid ribbon, an apple, some candy canes, and some tan burlap style ribbon.  It gives the feel of an old fashion country Christmas.  You can see the sled being drawn through the snow on the way to Grandma's. 

A Little Bit Rock & Roll;

This piece features silver and gold.  The pine cones are even trimmed with touches of silver.  The silver pearls and silver branches give this piece a more contemporary look.  Under the silver are hints of gold on the branches.  White with silver ribbon and gold mesh ribbon surround a white bell.  This piece looks very upscale and trendy.  

See how the same piece can look very different depending on the accents.  So no matter how your home is decorated or what your style is we can create a piece for you.  

Take a few moments to stop in and look around.

The Secret Garden
1215 E. Pershing Rd. 

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