Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silk or Fresh Cut?

Can you spot the silk flowers in this bouquet for bride Leah?  It may be tough but they are there.  Silk flowers have come a long way.  Sure you can still find the cheap stuff for low cost designs, but for something as important as a bridal bouquet only the best will do.  Good quality silk looks very realistic and sometimes better then the real thing.  Here at The Secret Garden we use top quality silks from companies like MeraVic and some great lines from Tapscott.  

If you can't tell, the Calla Lilies (white flowers beside the roses) and the Larkspur (Tall pink flowers in the back) are both silk.  

Today's modern bride is in love with all types of flowers.  Some are seasonal and are hard to find during off seasons (or costly because of the distance they need to travel).  This is a wonderful alternative.  If you can't spot the difference, chances are the guests will never know.  

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