Friday, December 16, 2011

Being Independent

As many of you already know we are no longer a member of Teleflora, or any other "wire" service.  We are 100% independent and we love it!

One of the things we used to love about being a member of Teleflora (and let me tell you things we loved were few and far between) was our website.  They would update it, create the banners, change the product, and we just had to sit back and wait for orders to come in.  That was all well and good but we had no creative control over it.  We may not like the designs, color choices, or containers they were featuring.  So we started adding our own product.  It didn't take us long to see that people were choosing our unique designs over the other designs offered.

So now we are free, free to do what we want, free to create our own designs, free to choose the flowers, containers, and more.  Let me tell you, we LOVE being free.

Here is what we have created for this Holiday.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it all.

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