Monday, March 12, 2012

The Name Game

The Name Game

The Secret Garden introduces The Name Game!  This is a new twist on an old favorite that we have played here before.  Here is how we play:
  • Every morning we will announce two names, one male & one female.  
  • Anyone with that name has until 5pm to come into the shop and pick up their prize.  
  • We will tell you that morning what the prize will be. 
The twist is this is for Facebook fans only.  We will no longer be putting the names on the sign out front.  Only people who "like" our page will be able to see the names we choose.  This is just another little perk you will get for following The Secret Garden on Facebook. 

We invite you to share our page with your friends and family.  If you see a name you recognize tell them to get over to The Secret Garden and pick up their gift!  We would love for you to share our page with them so they can join in on the fun too!

So let the games begin!

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