Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Florist "Nose"

As most of you know we currently have a booth at The Dance Centre's recital at The Lincoln Theater.  We are selling our wares and meeting lots of new people.  
As we were watching the crowd we saw a gentleman rush by with a pack of fresh lilies from a "big box store".  I noticed right away that the lilies still had the pollen on them, this is a big no no around the shop.  Lily pollen stains EVERYTHING it touches, clothing, hands, the flowers themselves, and anything else it comes into contact with.  The first thing we do when the lilies open is remove all of the pollen.  We playfully call this, "Picking it's noses".  So I turned to Amy and said, "I want to go pick that guys noses".  She looked up at me like I was insane and then noticed the lilies.  She said, "Oh please do!  That is going to get all over the little girls outfit.".  I could not make it to him then but when we saw him come back down with the flowers and start to head outside I rushed to him.  I asked him if I could remove his pollen and he looked at me the same way Amy had just minutes before.  But he smiled as I explained and thanked me.  The woman that was with him placed her hand on my shoulder and said, "Bless your heart, we had no idea!".  I told her that Amy had once had a nightmare issue with pollen against her white wedding dress and she was on a mission to insure that never happened to anyone again!  
The moral of the story: When a florist asks to pick your nose, let them!

As a florist we know things that those big box stores either don't know or don't care about.  We know about the care of flowers and most importantly we CARE about your flowers!  When we see all of those beautiful bouquets wilting without water we care that they are not going to last long, thus the reason we supply our customers with water sources.  These are just little things that florists know.  We may not compete in price and location but we win hands down when it comes to caring about you and your flowers.

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