Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Buy Flowers for Men

Father's Day is fast approaching.  Did you know that flowers can be the perfect gift for Dad?  Yes that's right men like flowers too!  From potted plants to vase arrangements Dad's get a thrill when they are on the receiving end of flower delivery!
Thank you eHow for this insight into buying flowers for men.  What great advice! 

    Choosing Flowers for Men

  1. Step 1
    Consider the occasion when choosing flowers for men. In general, flowers for sympathy or apology occasions should be more subdued in color and design, whereas flowers for birthdays, love, congratulations or holidays can be brighter in color and a more exciting design.

  2. Step 2
    Choose the color. Most men are attracted to bright, bold colors, whereas pastel colors are more often purchased for women. Choose flowers in red, yellow, orange, blue and purple in their strongest hues. Some excellent choices are gerbera daisies, irises, roses and sunflowers. Also, keep in mind the soothing, gender-neutral color, green. Several types of green flowers are available, including green cymbidium orchids and carnations.

  3. Step 3
    Look for flowers with interesting shapes. Most men appreciate architecture. What better way to intrigue him than with flowers he's never encountered before? The fascinating and striking designs of flowers such as orchids, bearded iris, lupine and bird of paradise are sure to get appreciative comments.

  4. Step 4
    Choose masculine scents: spicy, earthy, musky, candy or fruity. Examples of flowers with a spicy or musky scent are delphinium, lupine, certain roses and tulips, carnations and bluebells. As for fruity or candy-scented flowers, try grape hyacinth or snap dragons. Avoid heavily scented, sweet-smelling flowers such as the star gazer lily and hyacinth. All of the flowers listed here come in the vivid colors discussed above in Step 2. Adding a sprig of balsam, eucalyptus, cedar or pine to a bouquet can add a cologne-like, evergreen scent, as well as a splash of dark green color.

  5. Step 5
    Arrange flowers in a natural, balanced, linear or contemporary design, or advise your florist to do so. Men may enjoy a simple, less frilly arrangement than the typical, elaborate, feminine arrangement. Sometimes less is more. For instance, a single, striking blue hydrangea with trailing, green ivy in a modest glass vase is very appropriate for his desk or nightstand.

  6. Step 6
    Pick out a simple vase devoid of ornate design or shape. Rectangular vases with a sleek, vertical design are a safe bet, as are plain square or round clear glass vases. Keep ribbons and bows to a minimum, choosing a single color rather than multi-color.

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