Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Introducing Water Recycling

As we all know this summer has been long, hot, and DRY.  With that combination the shortage of water is a pressing issue in our city.  With the restrictions on watering that go into effect on August 9th more plants will feel the pinch.  We don't want you to have to say goodbye to your beautiful blooms and we are here to help.  

As you may know every week we clean our flower coolers and that means lots of buckets of water to dump.  So we started thinking... what if we could put all of this water to good use.  We normally dump it out the back to water our grass and clean under our cooler (lots of leaves get stuck under there and we have to wash them out).  Instead of doing that for the next few months, we would rather give it away to a good home.  

This water is perfectly usable to water plants, flowers, and gardens.  It even has flower food in it so it may boost the growth too.  Win win!!  This water IS NOT FOR HUMAN OR PET CONSUMPTION.  It has plant food and plant waist in it and is not safe to drink.  

This is how it works.  
  • Water can be picked up on Saturday afternoons between 11am and 2pm at 1215 E. Pershing Rd. in Decatur IL.
  • BYOB ~ Bring your own bucket or gallon jugs.  We don't care :)
  • We will distribute the water until it's gone.  Then we will post on facebook so you don't waist a trip.
Be sure to grab a bucket or a jug and swing by.  Help us recycle this water.  Waist not want not after all.  See you this weekend!  

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