Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Favorite Fall Flowers

Sunflowers ~ One of our favorite flowers for late summer and early fall.  They come in so many varieties and sizes you never know what will come through our doors.  We love the died ones, deep reds and oranges.  We love the dark eyes (pictured here) and light eyes too.  One of our favorite sunflower arrangements can be found here.

Solidago ~ This makes for a great filler flower in fall arrangements.  It has small tight blooms and it looks amazing with fall colors.  We enjoy working with solidago and adding it to baskets and vases.  We also do a lot of wedding work with these blissful blooms.  Solidago is also available in tinted colors like red and orange.  What fun!

Mums ~ Fall wouldn't be Fall without Mums!  We enjoy all of the many colors available to us all season long.  Deep burgundy's, rich oranges, vivid yellows, and bold purples.  So many different options when creating in floral design.  From weddings to sympathy tributes fall mums play a big role.  We will have these beautiful blooms available all fall long, and you may even find them on our $5 Friday special!  

Circus Roses ~ These may be available all year long, but our favorite season to use them is FALL.  The rich yellow with burgundy edging is perfect in fall designs.  We like to mix them in vases, baskets, and of course wedding bouquets.  To see them in action in a wedding bouquet check out bride Michelle's bouquet on Pintrest

So now you know some of our favorite fall flowers, what are some of yours?  We would love to hear from you.  Just leave a comment in the section below.  Also be sure to see our website to see what all we are creating with these beautiful blooms!

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