Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sending Flowers to The Hospital

Looking to make someone feel better faster?  Flowers are the way to go.  Over the years many studies have been conducted and flowers have been found to aid in the healing process.  

Here are a few things to know when sending flowers to the hospital.

What to tell your florist ~ Full name of recipient, Name of Hospital, Room Number, and any known restrictions.  
  • Full name - The full name of the person the flowers are being delivered too may sound like a given.  But the fact is, some people are sending to a friend or relative of a friend and may not know this information.  To make sure they find the right person it's best to have the full name of the recipient available to your florist.  
  • Name of Hospital - Many town have more than one hospital, big cities can have dozens.  Be sure you know the name of the hospital and the division of that hospital if it has many branches.  Some hospitals may have a heart and lung center, a cancer center, or a children's hospital.  It's best to know which location the flowers are to be delivered too.  An address to that facility would also aid the florist in delivery.
  • Room Number - Many hospitals will not give out room numbers because of privacy laws.  If the patient signs the privacy statement then the room number can not be disclosed, they are unable to even tell us if the person is a patient.  If you are able to get the room number for the patient it will help in the delivery process.
  • Restrictions - Some patients that have allergies, or have undergone certain procedures are not able to have flowers in their room.  Normally the flowers can be held at the nurses station for the patient until they can have them.  On other occasions family members will take them home to enjoy them until the patient is released.  We have found that ICU patients normally are not allowed flowers.  The rooms are small and the doctors and nurses need room to move around the equipment.

Other things to consider ~ 

  • Release Date- New mother's are released from the hospital soon after delivery.  It's best to order flowers for delivery as soon as the Mom is admitted.  This way the flowers can be delivered before the Mom and new baby are released to go home.
  • Same Day Surgery - Some same day surgery patients may never get a room of their own.  Without a room number flowers can go undelivered.  If the recipient is having same day surgery it may be best to send flowers directly to their home.
  • Delivery Times - Hospitals normally have specific times that flowers can be delivered.  Our local hospitals, here in Decatur, use a volunteer system to take flowers to the rooms.  If possible order flowers the day before you would like them delivered to be sure your florist does not miss cut off times.
To order flowers for delivery in Decatur Illinois see our website here.  We can help make someones day brighter! 

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