Friday, November 5, 2010

Care for your fresh cut Mums

Fall is the season of the mum.  We love the bright vibrant colors that mums provide for our arrangements.  We also love the great prices on our mums.  You can get one of our Happy Harvest bouquets that feature 5 stems of our mums for only $7.99.  

This hearty flower has been known to last weeks in a vase or arrangement.  Now if you want some tips on keeping them fresh here is a good list to follow.

  • For best results keep your water clean.  
  • Replace your water every 3-4 days or when it becomes murky.  
  • Fill the clean vase with cold water just about up to the top.  You will notice that mums "drink" a lot of fresh water. 
  •  It is also a good idea to ask your florist for some "Crystal Clear" or their variation of flower food, this will help fight bacteria growth in your vase.
  • Before placing your mums back in the water be sure to cut about 1/2" off of the bottom at an angle to help your flowers drink better.  

So stop in today and pick yourself up some fresh mums.  They are sure to cheer you each cool fall morning.  

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