Friday, November 5, 2010

Facebook ~ Push to 500 ~ Friends & Fans!

Hey gang!  We love our facebook friends and we hope you enjoy our posts.  We are pushing to have 500 fans (that gives us some serious bragging rights) by the end of the month.  Here is what we are offering to you.

When we reach 500 fans a 10% discount for all of our facebook fans will go into effect for the rest of the year.  Yes that is correct you will receive 10% off anything you purchase from us for the remainder of the year!

The sooner we reach the goal the sooner you start saving.  You will be able to use your discount online, in the shop, and on the phone! We will give you the full scoop when we reach our goal.

What you can expect in the next few months from our facebook page: Advanced notice of sales, specials, promotions, and new products.  Pictures of our work are always well received so we will keep those coming as well.  

How can you use your discount?  You can use it on anything in the shop that is selling for regular price.  For example you need an arrangement for Thanksgiving ~ done 10% off.  If you are shopping for merchandise that is already on sale you will receive the greater of the two offers.  We will discount you so you receive the best deal possible.  This is just a token of our affection because you, our friends and fans, are what make what we do so enjoyable.  

So what are you waiting for???  Share our page with your friends and family so they can save too.  Simply click the share link under our facebook post.

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