Monday, November 29, 2010

Crackling Wick Candles ~ Warm Your Home This Season

Introducing our Crackling Wick candles by Time & Again.  These scented candles with a comforting sound make a great gift.  The wick is made of natural wood and is lead free.  Guaranteed to give hours of burning pleasure.  Crackling Wicks provide a crackling sound when burned and they release a rich scent from the candle. Our Crackling Wick Candles are 11.85 Oz. They come in a beautiful glass jar.

November 27th - December 4th
Buy one get one 50% off
Our entire selection of Crackling Wick Candles.

Our Holiday Scents Include:
Christmas Memories
Twinkling Garland
Christmas Angel
Holiday Tree
Jingle Berries

Each week we will have another great special so stay tuned to either our promotions page or our facebook fan page.


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